Our Saturday morning classes for 8-12-year-olds are ninety minutes long and combine drama, dance and singing.

The class is divided into four sections which focus on dance, singing, acting and rehearsal process. The children rehearse a show which is performed for friends and families at the end of term. 

This Summer term’s production is The Young Detectives And The Mystery Of The Sinister Circus. A group of primary school children set up their own detective agency and their first case is a circus which seems to be haunted by a mysterious Red Phantom. One by one the circus acts are disappearing. Our heroes have to go undercover in the circus to solve the mystery and save the greatest show on earth!  


Students play a series of drama games as a team, developing vital interpersonal skills and creative thinking. We use role-plays to boost confidence and communication skills. In this section students also work on creating characters and performing short scenes as well as rehearsing for their end of term production.


Children work on singing technique to develop clear diction, pleasant tone, tuning and rhythm.We then learn popular songs from various genres, including pop and West End, and children are encouraged to sing solo lines if they wish. Singing also helps the speaking voice and this part of the class also focuses on speaking out in front of the group.


We start this section with a fun dance warm-up and stretch followed by games designed to increase body awareness, improve posture and get the children working together as a company. We then teach a dance, using choreography inspired by West End Shows and music videos.

script work & rehearsal process

Students are introduced to the rehearsal process behind some of the biggest shows with actors from the casts of West End shows. In this section students work on real scripts, learning how to make the words come alive, and also rehearse towards their end of term show.

Thanks very much again for the lovely job you have done with the children over the term and today with the play it was the cherry on the cake.
— Beatriz Garcia-Marsh, Wimbledon